Profisol SA is dedicated to expanding its product-mix and to improving its production capabilities in terms of quantity and quality in the steel pipe industry, based on its long-standing presence as a supplier to the construction sector and on its state-of-the-art manufacturing. Our goals are to continue strengthening our position in the Greek market, expand into neighboring emerging markets, diversify our sources of income and ultimately be acknowledged by our customers as a premium manufacturer while at the same time secure maximum returns for our shareholders.


Our mission is to strive for excellence and superiority as we meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through unremitting improvement and the effective utilization of our technological capabilities in the production of high-quality steel products. In addition, it is our aim to adapt robustly to the highly competitive market, thereby, guaranteeing our customers the highest level of services in mutually-beneficial and value-added relationships, competitive price levels resulting from our ongoing efforts to reduce our production costs coupled with strategic investments. Our purpose is to benefit our customers through optimal performance and to be always within arm's reach. As a company with a strong family profile, we are resolved to maintain our long-term stability and growth in developed and emerging markets.

Production capabilities:

Profisol SA specializes its production in the processing of steel products, while its time of establishment constitutes it as one of the oldest and pioneering steel centers in the Hellenic Region with annual capacity of more than 100.000 tones per year. Its product range, produced and traded, mainly covers products such as coils, profiles, tubes-pipes, merchant bars, hollow sections, beams, and sheets.

The factory has the capability and manufactures more than 8,000 steel products or various widths, lengths, and specifications enabling it to satisfy respectfully, successfully and with the outmost reliability the demand of its customers. We always make sure to comply with the ever-increasing quality and product specifications of the current market trends