Historical Facts

Profisol S.A. was established in 1967 at the industrial region of Inofita at the municipality of Viotia, in Greece, after the successful partnership of a group of entrepreneurs, namely, Mr. S. Kapetas, Mr. G. Gatsos, Μr.G. Valourdos, and Mr. S. Modechai. Its name, Profisol S.A., describes its main product specialization being the production of steel profiles (profil) and steel pipes (solines).

In the years ahead, Profisol S.A. undergoes a rapid expansion, after taking advantage of an increased demand for steel products while simultaneously contributing to an unprecendented growth of the rapidly developing Greek Economy.

In 1992 the Board of Directors of Profisol S.A. decides to expand the production capabilities of the factory in terms of annual capacity, quality, and product ragne through the acquisition of the recently declared bankrupt "Fanestropoulos Pipeworks," after it was auctioned to the Greek market by the governmental agency of Industrial Reconstruction Organization (IRO) S.A. When the acquisition got materialized, thε new factory was renamed to its present form - "THEBES PIPEWORKS S.A."

Such an addition to the existing facilities of Profisol S.A. helped towards the expansion of the production capabilities and ragne of the newly formed group of factories through a complementary role of Thebes Pipeworks, while simultanesouly it enabled the group to enter in the production of large spirally and longitudinally welded steel pipes of all corsssections and thicknesses bare or protected/insulated in accordance to european and international standards. In the meantime THEBES PIPEWORKS S.A. provided the gourp with modern coating systems required for the eroding protection of the steel pipes. Also, with the appropriate transformations THEBES PIPEWORKS S.A. is capable of producing "API" pipes for the transportation of crude oil and natural gas.

Its location is of strategic importance for the company, being right outside of Athens at the industrial region of Inofita, Viotias on the 55th km. of the Athens - Lamia Highway. This grants Profisol S.A. with access for market entry in the Northern Part of Greece, targeting the City of Thessalonica and the greater area of Macedonia, while maintaining a firm advantage in the supply of Greater Athens and the region of Attica. Moreover, the area of Inofita provides the factory with access to the port of Halkida, thereby, enabling it to export its goods through the sea of the Aegean and the Mediterranean to a larger extent, while also securing the stable and reliable flow for raw materials.

Having established a warehouse in the Area of Rentis, Thivon 212, provides the firm with access to the largest Greek Port of Piraeus as well, enabling it with an extended steady, secure, and quick supply of raw materials, as well as the distribution of its products to the Greek Islands and the whole Greek Peninsula and its various exporting hubs.